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Ice Rinks Australia not only hires ice rinks. We are a one stop shop to deliver complete end to end management of your winter event.

You have decided to you want to hire an ice rink for your upcoming event, but what next?

We at Ice Rinks Australia are experts when it comes to all things Ice Rinks – so you don’t have to be.

Below we will go through some of the services we can supply to ensure a seamless event and help you decide if an ice rink is right for your event.

No two Ice Rinks are the same. Prices can vary from $40,000 – $400,000 and will vary greatly based on factors like: access to power, how level the site is, size of the rink, duration of the hire and whether or not staffing is required.


In order for us to provide you with an accurate estimation can you please fill in the following questionnaire with as much information as possible. This will allow us to give you an accurate costing.

Base Packages

All Ice Rinks come complete with…

Refrigerated Ice Floor, Dasher Boards, Ice Skates, Helmets, Kanga Skating Aides, Refrigeration plant, Glycol, Sealed Plastic Liner.

We can work with you to coordinate Sub-Floors, Generators, Lighting and Theming, staffing and many other aspects to build an incredible event.

Option 1.

Straight Hire
Starting at $40,000

For a straight rink hire, Ice Rinks Australia will work with you to develop a concept and advise on the best sized rink to fulfil your objectives. We will work with you to provide training to your staff in the safe operation of your rink, and can provide individual elements to enhance your event.

Option 2.

Rink Hire and Staffing Package
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In addition to supplying you with a state of the art ice rink, Ice Rinks Australia can provide experienced staff to operate the rink.

Our dedicated pool of experienced staff across Australia includes:

Site/Project Managers

Our Project Managers can assist with event planning and logistics, from budgeting to vendor selection to promotion and marketing. Through to training and management of your existing labour pool.

Ticket Sellers

Our Ticket Sellers are experienced at managing ticket sales and distribution, maintaining accurate records, and providing excellent customer service to attendees.

Skate Marshalls

Our Skate Marshalls ensure the safety and fair play of skaters at your ice rink. They are trained in first aid and have experience handling emergencies.

Skate Hire / Customer Service Staff

Our Customer Service Representatives are friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. They can handle inquiries, complaints, and feedback with tact and efficiency, ensuring a positive experience for your customers.

Option 3.

Complete turnkey solution
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We offer full end to end management of your winter festival including:

  1. Concept development and strategy planning: We work with you to develop a unique concept for your Winter Festival that aligns with your brand or community.
  2. Venue scouting and management: We identify suitable venues for your festival, negotiate contracts and ensure all logistics are taken care of.
  3. Creative direction and branding: We create a cohesive visual identity for your festival across all marketing materials including brochures, posters, social media, and digital channels.
  4. Marketing and promotion: We design and execute targeted marketing campaigns to increase awareness, attendance and engagement.
  5. Talent booking and management: We source and manage a roster of performers, entertainers, and attractions for your festival.
  6. Logistics and operations: We handle all aspects of event production, including vendor coordination, security, and technical support.
  7. Sponsorship and fundraising: We work with you to secure sponsorships and manage fundraising efforts to support the festival’s financial goals.
  8. Event evaluation and impact assessment: We follow up with attendees to gather feedback and evaluate the effectiveness of the festival.
  9. Post-event wrap-up: We provide post-event reports and analysis to help you plan future events and measure the impact of your investment.Our experienced team can provide a range of services to ensure your Winter Festival is a success, from a one day festival, a product launch or a three week large-scale production. Contact us today to learn more about our full end-to-end event management services.

Other Services

  • Ice Slides
  • Ice Tracks
  • Theming and Lighting