Camden Winter Festival (2019 – 2023)

In 2019, Ice Rinks Australia received a panicked phone call from Camden Council. They were 10 day’s out from there Annual Winter Festival and their Ice Rink Provider had just pulled out. With just ten day’s notice, Ice Rinks Australia were able to deliver a custom 15m x 25m rink, arrange and coordinate all sub-contractors and supply over 15 staff to deliver the event.

In recognition of the effort, Camden Council have awarded Ice Rinks Australia an ongoing multi-year contract to continue to deliver not only the ice rink, but complete management of the entire Camden Winter Festival.

In our first year of holding an ice skating rink we had the ice rink provider pull out two weeks before the event. We made contact with Ice Rinks Australia who were able to source what was required and assist with the event planning to ensure that our event was able to proceed and was a great success. 

Since then we have had a fantastic working relationship with the IRA team delivering our annual event. Jamie and the team are professional, have great relationships with suppliers and equipment providers and are an absolute pleasure to working with. 

We thoroughly enjoy getting to work with them each year.

Kristy Finlayson – Acting Manager Public Affairs, Camden Council